Web.3 + Music =




The DecentraSound NFT Marketplace / Spatial Audio Platform will distribute Music and Art, help manage Artists and assist with in-depth marketing campaigns throughout the Web.3 World, to help our partnered artists reach their desired successes and claim back the rightful freedom in releasing what they want when they want.




The focus of DecentraSound is to provide a platform for musicians to sell their music as Digital Collectibles directly to their fans, bypassing traditional record labels and music streaming services. 

The goal is to allow musicians to retain a more significant percentage of the profits from their music and to offer fans the opportunity to own a portion of a song through NFT Technology.


  • Artist outreach and onboarding: Continuously reach out to and onboard artists to the DecentraSound platform.
  • Website design and development: Create a visually appealing and user-friendly website for the platform.
  • UI/UX planning: Plan out the platform's user interface and user experience.
  • Marketing and community building: Utilize social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Instagram to build a community and generate buzz about DecentraSound.
  • Partnerships and marketing strategy: Partner with VR companies and fashion brands to enhance the platform's offering and marketing efforts.
  • Pitch deck and seed funding consolidation: Create a pitch deck and secure seed funding to support the development and growth of DecentraSound.
  • Multiple Fashion Week collaborations: showcase DecentraSound and its offering to a broader audience.
  • Customer acquisition campaign: Implement a customer acquisition campaign to attract users to the DecentraSound platform.
  • NFT Collection launch: Launch a 10K collection of NFTs featuring music from partnered musicians.
  • NFT marketplace launch: Launch the DecentraSound NFT marketplace, allowing users to purchase and sell NFTs featuring music from partnered and up-and-coming musicians.
  • Launch party: Host a launch party to celebrate the official launch of DecentraSound and encourage users to purchase NFTs. Ibiza, Dubai, or Miami.
  • DecentraSound web and mobile app: Develop a web and mobile app for the DecentraSound platform.
  • Marketing plugin: Create a marketing plugin to help musicians promote their NFTs and increase their visibility on the platform.
  • Spatial audio platform launch: Launch a spatial audio platform that allows users to experience music more immersively.
  • Metaverse reveals and creation: Reveal plans for a virtual world (metaverse) and begin developing.
  • Additional revenue streams: Explore and implement additional revenue streams, such as NFT ticket facilitation and event partnerships.
Global growth
  • Customer acquisition: Implement additional customer acquisition campaigns to attract users to the DecentraSound platform.
  • Music NFT parties/events: Host quarterly music NFT parties/events to promote the platform and encourage NFT purchases of active DecentraSound Musicians & Creators.
  • International expansion: Expand DecentraSound to international markets. APAC, ASEAN, EMEA.
  • Acquisition Campaigns of smaller NFT Marketplaces DecentraSound will conduct merges and acquisitions with NFT marketplaces to increase the offerings and diversity in the DecentraSound Ecosystem.
Mass adoption
  • Further acquisitions: Implement additional customer acquisition campaigns to grow the user base of the DecentraSound platform.
  • Record label onboarding: Partner with record labels to bring more artists onto the DecentraSound platform.
  • Technology R&D: Continue researching and developing new technologies to enhance the DecentraSound Ecosystem.
  • DecentraSound Festival at Hyde Park London with 65k people in attendance, festival-goers will use their NFTs as tickets as a form of entry. 





CO-Founder & Lead Creator  

Justin Clarke from East London, better known by his stage name Ghetts is one of the UK's most highly acclaimed Artists. Ghetts is one of the most vital, talented, and enduring artists to emerge from the UK's grime scene. In a five-star review, NME concluded the most recent album, Conflict of Interest, is Ghetts' "most earnest record to date," adding that "The rapper's third studio record and first on a major label, showcasing his growth over nearly two decades in the game, proves lyricism is in rude health." Ghetts has recently been nominated for a BRIT and won a MOBO Award for Best Male Act. Expect to see more music from Ghetts on the DecentraSound Platform very soon! 


CO-Founder & Managing Director

Oliver from Kingston, Surrey, has been building within the Crypto Currency space for the last four years. In 2021, he founded his Business, Crypto Correct Limited, which is currently the Market Leader in affordable but effective GPU & CPU Mining Rigs. His dream upon starting Crypto Correct was to bring Crypto Mining more into the mainstream market where any single person would have the ability to mine Crypto Currency. Crypto Correct has since shipped Mining Rigs Internationally to more than 16 different countries around the globe and directly worked with big brand names and key figures to provide them with passive machine earning. Oliver is now enthused by the technology and capabilities that Web.3 provides and strongly believes in a future where DecentraSound gives the flexibility, profitability, and freedom that Creators deserve.


Lead 3D Artist & Fashion Designer


Co-Founder & COO

Philip is an early investor in DecentraSound. His commitment and belief in the project resulted in him taking up an active management position at DecentraSound, where he currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer. Before joining the team, Philip actively managed and invested in numerous E-Commerce, Education, Cryptocurrency, and Web.3 projects. He found great success managing a highly profitable cryptocurrency portfolio which resulted in him founding a high-growth leverage trading education platform, Pontis Trading.


Events & Partnerships Director 

Jay from London has worked in the Events & Hospitality Industry for over 17 years. In 2013, he founded a company called IBIZASPRAY, which is now a highly successful event situated five times a year at Ocean Beach, Ibiza. Upon starting the business, it has grown from strength to strength, attracting party-goers and celebrities globally. Jay has also worked alongside the development team on adverts for British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Emirates building fantastic connections within the aerospace industry. More recently, Jay has founded Bookyourhotels, which is sure to become the next leading holiday booking platform. To date, they have access to 100,000+Hotels in 75 different Countries! Did someone say Events Overseas, Hotels & Private-Jet Utility?! Jay is excited to bring a breadth of real-world utility to the DecentraSound NFT Collection.

Kenny Kutu

CTO, Investor Relations & Strategy

Kenny joined DecentraSound in 2022 to assist with investor relations and operations strategy. Prior to joining the team, he took up various roles as an independent strategy consultant and musician where he helped produce music on the hit South African Netflix series, ‘Blood and Water’. In 2021, he presented a TEDx talk titled ‘Exploring Cryptocurrencies’. Kenny graduated from the university of Pretoria with a BCom in Economic and Management Sciences and he is currently enrolled for a BCom (Honours) Business Management programme at the University of Pretoria.


Growth Partner & Marketing Consultant 

Andre is a highly skilled Creative Director with a vast experience in Digital Marketing and Brand Investment Strategies. Morerecently, he founded his business TenX Media, where he has worked alongside multiple ambitious brands within the E-Commerce and NFT fields. Andre is also a Creative Himself. In his spare time, he has been working on growing his fashion brand and as a sub-contractor as a creative partner for brands using his Artistic Talents and Web 3.0 Design skills. Andre has a long-term approach to his work; he actively supports planning 


Lead 2D Artist & Fashion Designer 

Jay Angelo from North, West London is the Fashion Designer and Lead 2D Artist at DecentraSound. Jay is a multi-discipline artistand designer specializing in visual art, design, and sonic art. He has recently founded his 'Art-Wear' business ANGELO, with his business growing in popularity and going from strength to strength throughout 2022. More recently, his clothing has been seen worn by Artists at Glastonbury & Wireless Festival in the UK. He brings a wealth of unique artistic perspective and design work to the work he creates and is of considerable value to the DecentraSound Team. Expect to see more from him very soon! 


Token Development & Community Partner 

Rahul has been heavily involved in Blockchain Development and Community Management since 2018. He has persistently added value, from creating native Crypto Currencies to Marketing and raising seed investments for the Businesses he has partnered with. His core beliefs with any successful Crypto Currency Coin launch are speed, safety, scalability, and simplicity. He looks forward to the future of the 'DSOUND' Token and the Listen to Earn Consensus it provides to users. Rahul plans to bring his years of experience and technicalknowledge to the DecentraSound Team. 


Web.3 Engineer & Community Support

David is hugely talented in Computer Technology Design and Blockchain Development. for the past eighteen months, he has been building the world's first Speculative 'DMR' Crypto Miners at Crypto Correct. He brings a massive wealth of knowledge about Crypto Currency and the Blockchain. You can find him in the DecentraSound discord often!


Developer & Marketing Consultant

Furkan is a well-connected Web Designer & Marketing Consultant based in Germany, Spain & Turkey (depending on the weather). He also owns a popular beach bar, and throughout the summer, he works on building his business there. In winter, He leaves Germany to focus on his Web design/Marketing company. Furkan is pioneering the way in NFC Technology and looks forward to a future of Wear-To-Earn capabilities within The DecentraSound Ecosystem.


Lead Marketing Advisor

Mike lives in Puerto Rico and co-founded blokstreet, an NFT marketing & consulting agency. Before NFTs, he spent over six figures a month on online ads increasing engagement using direct response marketing. This experience has taught Mike how to turn cold traffic into raving fans; by understanding what NFT buyers look for, Mike knows how to best position an NFT project. Before consulting for projects like DecentraSound, Mike sold out his own NFT project, Pit Crew.


A&R Lead

Daniel, from Surrey, has worked in the music industry for over ten years; he has continued to develop his involvement in the music industry behind the scenes whilst building a range of skills. From corporate clients such as Adobe and Sony and Musicians such as our own Ghetts, the late Jamal Edwards MBE, and Meek Mill, to name a few. Daniel will assist the motion and 3D departments while providing Decentrasound with design and visual material. Excited by the Web.3 space and the goals that DecentraSound are working towards, expect to see cutting-edge content and an ideology above the rest.




The DecentraSound NFT Collection is a limited edition set of 10,000 unique NFTs featuring original artwork inspired by UK Music Culture.

The total utility budget for the DecentraSound collection is a massive $1,000,000, giving back 20% of all capital raised back to our Founding Community.

Overall, the DecentraSound NFT Collection offers a wide range of utility benefits to those who purchase NFTs from our initial launch collection whilst supporting Our Internal Team in what we believe is the Future of Music.

As DecentraSound grows and evolves, we will continue releasing new collections with our partnered musicians and offering unique utility benefits to our Community of Holders. This means that not only will you be getting a unique and valuable Digital Collectible but also investing in a long-term project with ongoing opportunities for exclusive experiences and rewards.

Furthermore, DecentraSound has a solid foundation and a founding team of fifteen; recently, DecentraSound has secured private venture capital investment and, as a business, has a current valuation of $8,000,000 before launching this collection.

DecentraSound firmly believes in giving as much added value as possible to our Founding Community, making all DecentraSound Digital Collectibles attractive as an investment whilst fun to own in the real world at the same time.

The price per DecentraSound NFT ranges from 0.5ETH to 0.6ETH, equivalent to approximately $610.00 to $730.00.

Along with growing DecentraSound, our goal is for our Community to build lasting relationships and create unforgettable memories through this fascinating technology that allows more people than ever with similar interests to be connected across the globe.

Our utility is something we pride ourselves on at DecentraSound; we want our Community to enjoy the exciting real-world uses for our NFTs. Are you ready to be a part of the next paradigm within the World’s NFT Music Community?

The DecentraSound Collection is divided into five rarity tiers:

Super Ultimate Rare (SUR), Ultimate Rare (UR), Rare, Uncommon (UNC), and Ultra Rare (UR).

Each tier has a different number of NFTs available, and each comes with its own set of utility benefits for those who are lucky enough to mint a DecentraSound Digital Collectible from that tier.

Super Ultimate Rare

Tier includes X1 NFTs within the collection. It comes with utility benefits such as a Lamborghini Urus, a 0.5% share transfer/business equity of DecentraSound, further DecentraSound team perks, a private jet trip for up to six guests, and a meeting with the DecentraSound founders including Ghetts.

The total utility value for this tier is $330,000.

Ultimate Rare

Tier includes X10 NFTs within the collection. It has utility benefits such as a private jet trip for up to six guests, a five-star luxury hotel stay, VIP access to Ocean Beach, Ibiza, real-world studio access at Mount Excellence, and fashion claims.

The total utility value for this tier is $250,000.


Tier includes X75 NFTs within the collection. It comes with utility benefits such as VIP access to an Ocean Beach, Ibiza event, a five-star hotel city break for up to two guests, backstage VIP tickets to multiple festivals, global tickets exclusive membership, and various high-fashion claims.

The total utility value for this tier is $250,000.


Tier includes X250 NFTs within the collection and comes with utility benefits such as private sale access to the first music compilation/album published by DecentraSound, VR performance and partnered musicians’ sale priority, priority DecentraSound ecosystem access, merchandise claims, VIP tickets to partnered musicians shows, lifetime premium access to DecentraSound, and virtual reality studio access.

The total utility value for this tier is $25,000

Utility for NFT Collection | DecentraSound

Different Rarity Tiers – SUR, UR, SR, RARE, UNC

Utility Budget: £829,000 / $1,000,000

Total Collection: 10,000 Unique NFTs

Price per NFT: 0.5ETH ($610.00) or 0.6ETH $730.00)

Projected Gross Revenue: $6M or $7.3M (at 10k sales)

Super Ultimate Rare – X1 NFTs within Collection:

To be claimed once collection is 100% sold out.

  • Lamborghini Urus.
  • 5% share transfer / business equity of DecentraSound (Company currently valued at $8,000,000 pre-revenue due to Venture Capital investment) *including 0.5% of Total Collection Mint as cash bonus.
  • DecentraSound Team Perks.
  • Meet with DecentraSound Founders including Ghetts, discuss business opportunities and growth including DecentraSounds plans.
  • Private Jet (Sandbank Jets) European Return, up to 6 guests welcome (to the value of $35,000).


Ultimate Rare – X10 NFTs within Collection:

To be claimed once collection is 75% sold.

  • Private Jet (Sandbank Jets) European Return, up to 6 guests (to the value of $15,000 per booking).
  • FIVE STAR Luxury hotel worldwide stay, selection of 15,000 to choose from globally (to the value of $3,000 per booking).
  • VIP Owners’ bed at Ocean Beach, Ibiza for ‘IBIZA SPRAY’ 5 Events / dates: 01 May – 30Sept 2023, ($6,000 to spend on the table, 12 Guests).
  • Real World ‘Mount Excellence’ Studio Access.
  • Fashion Claim, claim every item the purchased NFT is wearing upon reveal, by using NFT at checkout on DecentraSounds Official website.


Rare – X75 NFTs within Collection:

To be claimed once collection is 50% sold.

  • VIP bed at Ocean Beach, Ibiza for ‘IBIZA SPRAY’ 5 Events / dates: 01 May – 30Sept 2023, ($1,500 to spend on the table, 6 Guests).
  • five-star hotel city-break / 2-night stay for up to 2 guests (to the value of $1,500 per booking).
  • Backstage VIP Tickets to Multiple Festivals (London & Europe) for up to 2 Guests.
  • Global tickets exclusive membership / 10% off all tickets throughout website.
  • Fashion Claim, claim every item your NFT is wearing upon reveal, by using NFT at checkout on DecentraSounds Official website.


Uncommon – X250 NFTs within Collection:

To be claimed once collection is 15% sold.

  • Private sale access to first Music Compilation / Album published with DecentraSound.
  • VR Performance, Partnered Musicians sale priority.
  • Priority DecentraSound Ecosystem access upon Launch.
  • DecentraSound Merchandise Claim.
  • VIP Tickets to Partnered Musicians Shows.
  • Lifetime Premium Access to DecentraSound, to be shared with up to 5 members of family & friends.
  • Virtual Reality ‘Mount Excellence’ Studio Access.
  • Fashion Claim, claim every item your NFT is wearing upon reveal, by using NFT at checkout on DecentraSounds Official website.



It is important to be aware that any investment carries risk, including the potential for loss of value. It is always a good idea to thoroughly research any investment opportunity and carefully consider your own financial situation before making any investment decisions. In addition, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and uncertainties associated with investing in a start-up or early-stage company, as these types of businesses may not yet have a proven track record and may face a higher level of risk than more established companies. It is also important to keep in mind that the value of any asset, including a digital collectible or non-fungible token (NFT), can fluctuate over time and may not always increase in value. It is important to be aware of these risks and to invest only what you can afford to lose.




coming soon…


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique identifier that can cryptographically assign and prove ownership of digital goods.
NFTs are unique and not mutually interchangeable, meaning no two NFTs are identical. Think of Pokémon cards, rare coins, or a limited-edition pair of Jordans: NFTs create scarcity among otherwise infinitely available assets — and there’s even a certificate of authenticity to prove it.

DecentraSound NFTs are 3D digital art pieces that hold intrinsic value and come with both online and real-life utility attached to them. It also means you can sell your NFT whenever you want for a potential profit.

We plan to have an official mint date for our community shortly. Connect with The Official DecentraSound Discord for all the latest information!

The mint price for our NFTs will be shared shortly, so stay tuned!

Ten thousand in Total, they are expected to sell out fast, so be quick!

You will need a MetaMask Wallet credited with Ethereum to purchase a DecentraSound NFT; you will only be able to buy them on our website on the Official Mint Day.

Your NFT will appear within Opensea Instantaneously after Official Mint, and you will also be able to see your NFT through our website within our “Gallery” TAB.

Utility Non-Fungible Tokens are NFTs with use cases beyond just being unique digital assets. They are NFTs that grant their owner privileges, rights, or rewards that they would not otherwise be able to access.

Whitelisting is the process of getting a crypto wallet address pre-approved for minting. Besides minting priority, users of whitelisted addresses may enjoy other benefits like reduced transaction fees and exclusive content. Whitelisting allows NFT projects to offer their communities the opportunity to mint an NFT sale prior to its public minting or sale.

AMA is an abbreviation for “Ask Me Anything” it is Generally used by NFT Curators who open themselves up for talk sessions where the community can ask any question they deem fit. The DecentraSound Team and its Founders intend to hold live AMA sections regularly within The Community.


Trading Adress: 1 Portsmouth Road, Esher, United Kingdom, KT10 9AB