About Us

DecentraSound aims to become the next legacy brand that surpasses the likes of Spotify, Tidal, and their counterparts. While also being the first Business of its kind to enter the Metaverse.

Upon purchasing your DecentraSound NFT, you have instantly become a part of the next paradigm within The Worlds NFT Music Community.

Our Team uses an algorithmic process on the blockchain to create one-of-a-kind artworks that are defined by individual fashionable items within the image, such as accessories, clothing, and other personal attributes, each piece of art that is released within our upcoming NFT Collection will be a unique one of one packed full of fantastic utility. It will initially act as a key for being able to purchase the first music compilation/album to release within the DecentraSound Web.3 ecosystem. Holding a DecentraSound NFT will allow owners to attend actual life music events and claim fashionable items plus other unreleased utilities that will be etched into the smart contract upon whitelist and public sale of the first 10,000 NFTs. Currently, we are working with some of the most talented digital artists in the UK to build our high-quality NFT Characters.

Holders will also earn a portion of the song’s royalty revenue together with their favorite Artist through DecentraSound’s listen-to-earn consensus, where the “DSOUND” Coin will be airdropped upon the volume of Listen Tiers. Further details on the Listen Tiers will be released later within the roadmap. DecentraSound will allow everyone to enjoy music ownership alongside their favorite artists by sharing portions of the music copyright revenue.

Prepare for a different type of interactivity with fans and artists, Metaverse Concerts for all holders, Real World concerts for uncommon holders, and Studio Sessions for holders with a rare mint. If you are a prospective Artist and are keen to share your talents with the industry’s best and the rest of the world’s listeners, then a DecentraSound rare mint might just help you achieve your future goals.

The DecentraSound NFT Marketplace / Spatial Audio Platform will distribute music and art, help manage artists and assist with in-depth marketing campaigns throughout the Web.3 World to help our partnered artists reach their desired successes. DecentraSound is planning to change the Music Industry for Artists / Fans forever. Allowing each Creator to take back control over their earnings gives them the complete freedom to release whatever they want when they want. No industry plants, just Artists growing organically with their fans’ support.

Eventually, as technology advances and DecentraSound continues to grow its liquidity year on year, DecentraSound will be creating its own space within the Metaverse for our Characters to be exported into. At this point, DecentraSound is not just an NFT Marketplace / Spatial Audio Platform but also a Virtual Entertainment Company. Think Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto Saga… The DecentraSound Metaverse intends to uphold higher quality and the highest 3D Rendering / Computer graphics possible at the time of Our Metaverse development. We want nothing short of the best within Our Space & Our World.