Born For Art – Mission and Vision

Born for Art is a charitable organization that aims to provide art supplies, equipment, and interactive resources to young people in need, regardless of their background or situation.

Born For Art seeks to equip young people with the tools and support they need to unleash their creative minds and access further learning across various subjects, from children’s homes and hospitals to children with underprivileged backgrounds across the United Kingdom.

As a business, DecentraSound will partner with various companies within the Web.2 and Web.3 space to broaden the scope of their partnered charitable organizations and seek new fundraising opportunities to help those in need.

5% of all money raised through the NFT Collection of DecentraSound will go towards Born for Art, making this a powerful and impactful way to support the organization’s mission.

Using NFT Technology as a donation means for charitable auctions allows for a fully decentralized and online event with less overhead and the ability to reach thousands of people simultaneously. The decentralization of this revolutionizing technology also provides a clear and transparent history of the funds raised, ensuring they are used effectively to support the organization’s mission.

We encourage everyone to support Born for Art through the NFT Collection of DecentraSound and positively impact the lives of young people in need.